Crowdfunding is GO!

Space & Rock are now LIVE for Crowdfunding.  You can find us here:


I launched the campaign yesterday and was absolutely blown away by the response.  By the end of day 1 we had raised almost 20% of the total, which is just incredible.  Thank you thank you thank you to all our amazing pledgers!!

This is the first crowdfunding campaign I’ve done so it’s been a complete learning curve.  It was certainly a rollercoaster ride yesterday and I’ve not had the time yet to follow up with some of the amazing contacts I made throughout the course of the day.  Bear with me, I will!!!

From the moment I hit the GO button I was inundated with love, support, well wishes from social media.  People were tagging us, sharing, discussing, pledging. Just incredible, thank you to everyone who believes in Space & Rock and wants to get it LAUNCHED!!

Now to keep the momentum going.  We can’t stop until we’ve reached that target!


Gemma xx


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