What ‘Spaces’ will Space & Rock list?

Momentum is gathering, and the word is getting out.  The UK wedding industry is excited for Space & Rock.  BUT what makes Space & Rock so different.  It’s certainly true to say there are wedding venue directories, and then there’s Space & Rock.  So let us tell you more…


Image Credit: Enchanted Brides

Our spaces will have a unique quality, hidden gems awaiting discovery.  They’re generally not going to have a civil weddings licence because these spaces will only do a handful of weddings a year.  Our couples will use celebrants and/or marry elsewhere like a church, registry office or town hall.

57 - Bride and Grooms.jpg

Photo Credit: Enchanted Brides

That’s not to say we won’t list civil licence approved venues.  We just insist that they are venues that stand out as unique spaces to marry.  Elopement venues, caves, treehouses, cinemas, windmills, lighthouses and the such like.

If you have a space you’d like us to consider get in touch with Gemma at spaceandrock@outlook.com

Don’t forget, we can’t bring you Space & Rock without pledges of support.  You can become part of our crowd by visiting our campaign page HERE.


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