We’re all about ‘Promoting Sustainability and Individuality’


I know what you’re thinking! The title sounds like some kind of dull sociology essay, but fundamentally it’s these two elements, sustainability and individuality, that are at the very core of what Space & Rock is all about.

First and foremost, Space & Rock intends to be a carbon neutral business.  That means we will be launching the website using carbon neutral web hosting, and every decision we make will consider the environmental impact.

Secondly, we love the fact that Space & Rock helps small businesses, charities, trusts and private individuals generate an income through weddings, helping them become more sustainable.

Whether it be to continue to grow a business, feed their cattle, or keep the damp out of a 16th Century manor house, Space & Rock works hard to make sure these spaces are getting the bookings they require.


Couple under the tree tunnel at Cosawes Barton



charlotte laity by mike thomas6.jpg

charlotte laity by mike thomas4.jpg

So what about individuality.

Well, our spaces are rich in individuality, each with a unique story and nature that will make you fall in love with them.

Our couples too can express their own individuality through the discovery of their perfect wedding space. No matter what their passion or style, our spaces will be inspiring.

39 - Just Married and dog.jpg

21 - Dog and Snazzy Balloon.jpg


Couple and Bedford truck Box and Cox


Images by Enchanted Brides , Olivia Whitbread-Roberts

If you believe in Space & Rock, don’t forget to help us launch.  Pledges are what we desperately need, with nothing to pay until we reach that £10,000 target.

Please Pledge HERE



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