The Great British Space Search is on!

With Space & Rock’s imminent arrival in the early Autumn, we are on the hunt for incredible spaces to include within our listings.

enchanted_brides_photography-184.jpgWe are searching for spaces to throw amazing wedding celebrations. These could be fields for tipis or marquees.  Warehouses or old factories. Art galleries, cafes, museums.  Beach houses, gardens, manor houses.  Woodlands, barns or river rowing clubs.





If you have a space that could work for a wedding, or know someone who does, here’s 3 things you need to know……

  1. To list with Space & Rock is FREE.  We believe it’s important that we don’t get paid until you do.
  2. We only accept spaces that aren’t approved for civil weddings (unless they offer elopements or something totally unique)
  3. Hosting weddings in your space is on your terms.  Whether you allow only 2 guests or 200, have one wedding a year or one a month, it’s entirely your call.

If you’d like to chat about listing with Space & Rock, you can contact Gemma, Space & Rock’s Director at

For more information on what to expect from Space & Rock, visit our info site at

All images by Enchanted Brides


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